UK Border Agency consent form for UK settlement visa applicants in Russia

Published: 01/04/2013

Effective 27 March 2013, any Russian Citizen wishing to apply for a UK settlement visa as a fiancee, spouse or unmarried partner of a British Citizen or UK legal permanent resident, must complete a consent form regarding the sharing of their personal information with the British Consulate / UK Border Agency (UKBA) team in Moscow. Like many other visa application forms, such as the VAF4A form and Appendix 2, the new consent form can look quite confusing, but in fact it is simply designed to obtain an applicant’s permission to verify all personal information by the examining immigration officials (Entry Clearance Officer or ECO) who may need to access it as part of the UK visa application process.

Personal data is required and also supporting documentation to back it up. This includes name, date and place of birth, contact details and other information such as employment, education, income and anything else that may be required by the UK Border Agency officials. The applicant’s patronymic name is also required – this is the part of the name which is derived from that of a father. In Russia and in other former USSR countries, men and women both derive part of their name from their fathers. This consent form has therefore been tailored specifically for Russian Citizens applying for a UK marriage visa, UK fiancee visa or UK partner visa

under the settlement category.

Aside from personal details, the form requires the applicant’s consent to the sharing of biometric information. The depth of biometric information required to be shared with the UK immigration authorities will vary with time and increasing levels of technology, but includes at present height, weight, any distinguishing features, hair colour, eye colour, fingerprints and anything unusual such as a limp, false limbs or other easily noticed physical traits. The form does not specify the level of biometric information that can be shared and in the future it may include retinal scans and other personal distinctions. The consent form also includes the right of the application centre to collect psychological profiling data.

The consent given by the completion and signing of this consent form covers all contingencies, but if the applicant changes their mind, the consent can be stopped on receipt of a request in writing; the sharing and processing is guaranteed to cease within three working days of the letter being received.



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