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Whether you are an Australian citizen or lawful permanent resident wishing to sponsor your partner for a subclass 300 prospective marriage visa to come to Australia, or an eligible UK sponsor looking to bring your fiancee to the UK on a settlement fiancee visa, you should be aware of and consider certain factors that may cause substantial delays in the processing of your immigration case or lead to a denial of your fiancee visa application. Issues that may complicate the application process include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant age difference between the fiancee and his or her sponsor. Although there is no official requirement that partners must be about the same age in order to qualify for a visa, the immigration authorities are typically skeptical of couples with a big age difference.
  • Poor English skills of the foreign fiancee. The examining immigration officials often become skeptical if partners do not share a common language, at least to some meaningful extent.
  • Fiancee and sponsor have not spent enough time together in person. The Consulates are typically skeptical of couples with no extensive “face-to-face” meeting history prior to sponsorship.
  • Prior attempts by the sponsor to bring a foreign national to their home country on a visa of any type (prior “sponsorship” applications).
  • Prior attempts by the fiancee to obtain a visa for entry into thesponsor’s country, if the fiancee committed fraud or material misrepresentation(e.g. using false identity), or otherwise significantly contrived to frustrate the immigration rules.
  • Fiancee was previously in the sponsor’s country and overstayed a visa.
  • Fiancee was previously deported (removed) from the sponsor’s country.
  • Fiancee has a criminal record.
  • Fiancee has a communicable disease (e.g. HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis)
  • Insufficient proof of relationship (lack of supporting documentation).
  • Unstable financial situation of the sponsor.

To learn more about potential problems and visa eligibility requirements, and  determine whether you are likely to succeed  in sponsoring your loved one for a visa to come to your country, contact our immigration specialists for a free consultation and our professional fiancee visa eligibility assessment.

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