Fiancee, partner and marriage visa process at a glance

Initial consultation and eligibility assessment

This preliminary step involves the collection of background information in order to properly analyse the basic facts and circumstances of your case. Our professional assessment is designed to determine whether you meet the basic eligibility requirements to sponsor your foreign fiancee, de facto partner, husband or wife for a prospective marriage, partner, or spousal visa to immigrate to your country. Our experienced consultants will make a determination of your eligibility within 24 hours of receipt of your initial enquiry.

Engaging our professional services

If we determine that your loved one is eligible to apply for a visa, we will provide you with further information on our fees and explain how to sign up for our services. You will receive our start-up material, along with information about acceptable methods of payment. We will not agree to handle your case or ask you to pay a fee unless we are confident that you and your fiancee, partner or spouse meet the basic requirements to apply for a visa. Should you decide to hire our firm to handle your immigration matter, you will sign a “no-win-no-fee” agreement which specifies that we guarantee to refund 100% of your fee if we are unable to obtain a visa for your loved one.

Receiving detailed instructions

Once you become a client, the next step will be for you and your loved one to collect and forward all the relevant documentation to our office. We will send you detailed instructions via e-mail or by express mail if you do not have internet access. Included in these instructions will be an outline of the documents required for your visa application, and your personal login name and password to access our case management system. We will also contact your fiancee or spouse to inform him or her of any information or documentation that may be required for the initial application. If necessary, we will call your loved one at their convenience to answer any preliminary questions and explain the process in English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Tagalog, Japanese, or Russian.

Document gathering

You will receive our visa checklists along with samples of certain documents that we require in order to assemble your application package for submission to the appropriate government agency. You and your loved one will need to gather all the required documents and send them to us for processing. In the interest of expediting the submission of your visa application, you can send us your paperwork by fax or via e-mail, or to upload your documents by using our online case management system. This reflects our “we do not waste a day” policy.

Form preparation

Once we have received all of your documents, we will prepare your visa application forms in accordance with the highest professional standards. We offer same-day turnaround for the preparation of your visa application forms from the time that we receive all of your supporting documentation and personal information. Our senior immigration consultants will ensure your application is complete and accurate.

Signing the forms

To reduce waiting time, we will e-mail your visa application forms to you and your loved one, or you may download them from our online case management system. You will need to print the forms, sign, and mail them back to us along with any required original documentation. If you do not have internet access, we will deliver your application forms to you by express mail. We use a variety of carriers for domestic and international shipments, and will choose the most appropriate delivery method for your desired shipping address.


In most instances, a fiancee, partner, or marriage visa application must be filed in person. If this option is not available in your case, we will submit your application to the appropriate government agency with extraordinary speed and efficiency, normally, on the same day that we receive your signed forms. We will make every possible effort to ensure that your application forms and supporting documents are complete, accurate and easy to review, encouraging the immigration officials to process your visa application as quickly as possible.

Continued monitoring with Embassy

Once submitted, we will provide you with regular updates on the status of your immigration case and always make ourselves available to answer your questions throughout the duration of the visa process. This includes notifying you when the Embassy confirms receipt of your case, informing you about any requests for you or your loved one to appear for an initial interview, and providing any other information that is relevant to your application. We will handle all telephone, e-mail, fax and mail correspondence with the Embassy on your behalf.

Full pre-interview preparation

We provide comprehensive pre-interview preparation services to ensure your fiancee, partner or spouse is fully prepared for this crucial step in the visa application process and knows exactly what to expect during the interview. If your loved one speaks Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Japanese or Tagalog, we can conduct a pre-interview briefing in any one of these languages. We will make sure your loved one has all necessary documents, and that he or she is relaxed, confident, and has a full understanding of the types of questions they may be asked during the visa interview with the examining immigration officials.

Visa interview

We will inform your fiancee or spouse when and where her visa interview will take place. On the day of the interview, your case representative will be available via mobile phone outside of normal business hours. Should your loved have any last minute questions, she could contact her case representative, regardless of her location and time zone.

Visa approval

We will inform you immediately upon receipt of an electronic approval notice from the Embassy and advise your fiancee or spouse how to get a an entry clearance – visa label/endorsement placed in their passport (unless original passport already submitted to the visa-issuing post as part of the initial filing package).

Additional services after the fiancee visa is issued

If your fiancee enters your country on a prospective marriage visa, she or he will need to apply for a provisional spousal visa after the marriage. We have successfully handled numerous spouse visa cases, and we are proud to say that most of our former clients choose us as their exclusive representative after the fiancee visa process is complete.

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