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Will my fiancee be allowed to work once she comes to the UK on a prospective marriage visa?

No. UK fiancee visa holders are prohibited from obtaining gainful employment in the UK. However, your spouse will be allowed to work once you get married and change her fiancee visa to an immigrant marriage visa.

I have known my fiancee for a long time, but we have never met face to face. Can she apply for a fiancee visa for entry to the UK?

No, this is not possible. You must have met in person at least once in order to initiate the process of bringing your fiancee to the UK on a prospective marriage visa. In addition, you must be able to provide suitable evidence of having met in person. There is nothing you can do to avoid this requirement.

How much time will we have to get married once my fiancee comes to the UK on a prospective marriage visa?

You will have six months to register your marriage.

What will happen if we do not get married within the required period of time? Will my fiancee be allowed to stay in the UK?

If you are not able to get married within six months, and you can prove it was due to reasons beyond your control, your fiancee’s prospective marriage visa may be extended. 

Will my fiancee need to leave the UK after the marriage in order to obtain a spouse visa?

No, she will not have to return to her home country. Fiancee visa holders may apply for a marriage visa from inside the UK.

Can we bring my fiancees children over too?

Yes, any unmarried children under 18 years of age may be eligible to obtain dependent (derivative) visas for entry to the UK. 

How long does it typically take to obtain a UK fiancee visa?

Each application for a UK fiancee visa is adjudicated on an individual basis. If your application is completed correctly and there are no errors or omissions in the forms or supporting documents, it is very likely your case will be approved either on the same day or within a few business days of initial submission. An entry clearance officer has the right to waive the personal interview requirement, but if your application is not clearly approvable and your case overall raises serious “red flags”, your fiancee may be required to appear before the adjudicating Embassy official. 

My fiancee overstayed her UK visa a few years ago. Is she still eligible for a UK prospective marriage visa?

We cannot give you a simple answer to this question. UK immigration law is very complex and strict. If your fiancee has a history of prior immigration violations, this might prevent her from obtaining a prospective marriage visa to the UK. We suggest that you contact our UK visa departmentfor a detailed consultation. 

Can my girlfriend first obtain a UK tourist (visitor) visa and then, if our relationship works out, apply for a fiancee visa?

Your fiancee may be able to obtain a UK tourist visa, but this is not a strong possibility. To qualify for a tourist visa, your fiancee must demonstrate she does not wish to become an immigrant. This is a difficult task, particularly when the applicant has a romantic relationship with a British citizen or permanent resident. The British Embassy will likely assume your fiancee intends to marry you in the UK while on a visitor visa, and that you wish to sponsor her to allow her to immigrate to the UK and remain in the country indefinitely. This presumption may be extremely difficult to overcome. The British Embassy will not be able to approve your fiancee’s visitor visa application unless she can establish her intent is to return to her own country after a short visit to the UK. If you want to make the process of obtaining permission for your foreign fiancee to come to the UK as smooth as possible, you should apply for the prospective marriage (fiancee) visa instead. 
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