Family immigration: why use help?

Applying for any type of visa, whether immigrant or non-immigrant, entails much more than simply filling out routine immigration forms. Most questions on the application forms are designed to reflect certain aspects of immigration law. Even those that may seem straightforward are actually designed to elicit information that may relate to complex laws and regulations. Incorrect or inconsistent answers to any of these questions could easily hurt chances of obtaining a visa for your loved one to immigrate to your country.

The process of obtaining a prospective marriage, partner or spousal visa can turn into a very unpleasant experience for you and your loved one if you are not entirely familiar with the exact regulations that may apply to your specific case. Legal implications may arise from the documents you present to the immigration department as part of your application. Likewise, statements made during a visa interview or other information included with your application, while seemingly inconsequential, may result in a delay or denial of your application.

Many other factors, such as inaccurately completed application forms or insufficient documentary evidence submitted as part of the initial filing package, can cause substantial delays in the processing of your case. Some cases are returned to the applicant due to an error or omission in the immigration forms or supporting documents. You may not know if you have made a mistake, even a critical one, until weeks or months later, when your fiancee or spouse gets her visa application rejected during the interview stage. Having to start over again, you will realise that you have wasted not only time but also money, because the visa application processing fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your application. Besides, from our experience helping clients whose previous self-prepared applications have been rejected, we know the emotional toll a rejection can take on you and your fiancee or spouse. Such a negative experience could be particularly devastating for your loved one, as she may conclude that any future attempts to obtain a visa would lead to a similar outcome.

It is essential that your fiancee or spouse fully understands what to expect during the visa application process and, most importantly, during her personal visa interview with a migration officer at the Embassy. Many people who try to go through the immigration process alone face serious problems at this stage. A very large percentage of fiancee and marriage visas are either denied or delayed because there is a request for additional documentation. Most problems during this stage in the immigration process occur because the visa applicant is not adequately prepared for the interview. If the interviewing Embassy officials find any discrepancies between your fiancee’s responses to the many visa interview questions and the supporting documents she presents, your case may be forwarded to the fraud prevention unit for further investigation and administrative processing.

Immigration specialists rely on their extensive legal education, continuing professional training, and work experience to identify and prevent possible complications. They comprehensively evaluate each case to spot potential problems before the visa application is submitted to the Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. An experienced immigration consultant is familiar with and able to interpret complex immigration laws, regulations, and policies as they apply to your case. Generally, consultants know what documents need to be submitted in order to satisfy the immigration authorities, and they can determine the best approach and strategy for your specific case.

We have had clients who, prior to using our services, tried to complete the visa application process on their own, relying on information from online immigration message boards and receiving advice from so-called “visa experts”. Many people have found the immigration process impossible to complete without the help of knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

You can save time and money by having your application done correctly by our team of well-trained and experienced immigration consultants. Click here to learn more about what makes special, and how we can assist you through the visa application process.

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