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Choosing the right immigration consultant to handle your immigration matter can be challenging. There are literally thousands of immigration consulting firms in the marketplace. However, immigration professionals are not all alike. Consultants within the same area of practice will have different experience levels, depending on how long they have been in practice. Here are some things that often set us apart.

World-class personalised service

To help our clients navigate the complicated process of obtaining a fiancee, partner or immigrant spousal visa on behalf of a foreign national, we maintain open lines of communication to answer questions at any point during the application process. We believe that communication is critical to achieve positive and successful results. We devote an extensive amount of time to all of our clients to ensure that they completely understand all aspects of the procedure for applying for a fiancee or marriage visa. This approach ensures that our clients fully comprehend what they must do, what they should avoid doing, what they should expect during the process, and when they can expect a decision.

We truly understand that each client’s situation is unique. The firm strives to become and always remain responsive to the client’s needs and desires. We respect the individual circumstances of our clients, and we always keep their best interests at heart. Our firm’s approach to client representation is based on the principle that each client deserves the best professional service. Welisten to the client, analyse the case, apply our extensive professional knowledge, and provide outstanding professional legal assistance to allow the client to obtain a fiancee or spouse visa as quickly as possible.

We handle each case with honesty and integrity, and always advise our clients of both the strengths and weaknesses of their cases so that they are well prepared and have realistic expectations as we pursue their case. You will not be left behind to deal with matters on your own. In emotionally trying times, as you deal with your family immigration case, our consultants will help you effectively handle your case so you and your family can move on with your lives while getting the support you need and deserve. Our 100% success rate and continual client satisfaction are perfect examples of our dedication.


By managing our cases from start to finish, we are able to reduce the waiting times for visa approval. Our professional expertise allows us to identify potential problems at the beginning of the process. We use our analytical skills to resolve any possible issues before they can develop into potentially serious and devastating complications. Every effort is made to prepare the application so that it is as complete, accurate, and easy to review as possible, which will encourage the adjudicating immigration officials to approve the case quickly. Using our approach, we have been able to bring the risk of a visa denial for our clients down to zero.

“No-win-no-fee” policy and 100% success record

We undertake all of our fiancee, partner and spousal visa cases on a “no-win-no-fee” basis. If we are unable to obtain a visa for our client, we guarantee to provide a full refund of the client’s fee. We are proud to say that this has never been necessary, because we have been able to maintain a 100% success record.

To determine whether you and your loved one meet the specific eligibility requirements to qualify for a fiancee, partner or marriage visa, we provide free consultations and professional fiancee and spouse visa eligibility assessments. We will never agree to represent you or ask you to pay a fee unless we are confident that you and your fiancee or spouse meet the basic eligibility criteria in order to qualify for a visa. We are always interested in discussing engagements where we may be able to provide value. Feel free to contact us today!

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