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Free Initial Consultation and Professional Visa Eligibility Assessment 

Our professional eligibility assessment is designed to determine whether you and your loved one meet the basic eligibility requirements to qualify for a fiancee, partner or marriage visa. During this initial step, our team of immigration consultants will carefully consider all relevant facts and circumstances of your case and evaluate your chances of submitting a successful application to bring your loved one to your country.

During the initial consultation, our consultants will listen to your problems and concerns, explain the visa options available to you, including the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and determine the best strategy for your specific case. Our expertise allows us to identify and prevent potential problems at the beginning of the process. Our professional assessment of your individual immigration case will resolve any issues before they develop into potentially serious and devastating complications. Our consultants will advise you of both the strengths and weaknesses of your case so that you are well-prepared and have realistic expectations as you and your loved one go through the visa process.

We will not agree to handle your case or ask you to pay a fee unless we are confident that you meet the basic eligibility requirements to sponsor your fiancee, partner or spouse visa for a settlement visa to migrate to your country.

Professional Visa Application Preparation 

If you choose to engage our services to assist you through the visa process, the next step will be to gather all the necessary documentation relevant to your specific case. We will send you detailed instructions explaining virtually every step of the visa process. You and your loved one will receive your respective visa checklists containing a detailed description of each document needed in order to fill out your visa forms and to prepare your application package for submission to the appropriate government agency. Our online case management system is designed to make this preliminary step in the visa process as easy as possible. Additionally, we will call your partner to answer any questions regarding the visa process.

If your partner speaks a foreign language, including Thai, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Tagalog, or Japanese we can facilitate the process for your loved one by assigning your case to our multilingual immigration consultants.

Visa Application Submission  

Upon receiving the necessary documentation and information from you and your loved one, we will prepare your fiancee, partner or marriage visa application promptly for submission to the appropriate visa-issuing post. We offer same-day turnaround for the preparation of your visa application forms from the time that we receive all of your supporting documentation and personal information.

Our team of professional immigration consultants will carefully assemble your application package to ensure a thorough submission. In order to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of your immigration case, we will submit your application in a complete, accurate, and easy to review format encouraging the adjudicating immigration officials to approve your application as quickly as humanly possible.

Pre-Interview Preparation for your Fiancee, Partner or Spouse  

The consular interview is the most crucial step in the immigration process. A significant number of wife, husband, and fiancee visas are delayed or rejected at this stage due to the negative outcome of the interview. During the visa interview, the adjudicating migration officers will ask a series of questions to verify the legitimacy of the relationship. Statements made during the interview will help the examiner make a final determination of eligibility.

During the visa interview, the consular officials look at each application individually and consider many different factors before reaching a decision. Inadequate preparation for the interview can result in your migration case being referred for additional investigation and lengthy administrative processing. While it is natural to be nervous at the interview, it should be noted that being organised, becoming familiar with the interview process, and having all of the necessary supporting documents ready, will improve chances of success. The key to a successful interview is a thorough preparation.

We provide comprehensive pre-interview preparation services to ensure your fiancee, partner or spouse is fully prepared for this important step in the visa application process and knows exactly what to expect during the interview. If your loved one speaks Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Japanese or Tagalog, we can conduct a pre-interview briefing in one of these languages. We will ensure your loved one has all the necessary documents and that he or she is relaxed, confident and has a full understanding of the types of questions she may be asked during the interview with the immigration officials.

Contact with your Case Officer

To ensure proper and efficient processing of your visa application, we will communicate with the Embassy, Consulate or High Commission on your behalf and keep you informed of the progress of your case throughout the entire process. This includes handling any correspondence with the migration officer assigned to your case, whether through phone, e-mail, regular mail, or fax. Any information we receive about your case will be immediately passed on to you, and these updates will continue until your fiancee or spouse receives a visa.

Our immigration consultants monitor various government sources daily for changes in regulations that may affect the processing of family applications. You will be informed immediately of any changes to regulations and/or processing times during the application process.


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