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If you and your foreign partner are yet to make a legal commitment to your relationship in terms of a civil partnership, he or she is still able to join you in the UK on a settlement visa as long as you satisfy the following general criteria for approval:

  • You are both over 18 years of age;
  • You have met each other in person;
  • You are both legally free to register a civil partnership;
  • You must be a qualified sponsor, e.g. a British Citizen or lawful permanent resident of the UK;
  • You must plan to register your civil partnership in the UK within a reasonable time – usually six months;
  • You plan to live together after registering your civil partnership;
  • Your have been in a genuine and continuing relationship prior to sponsorship;
  • You and your partner, along with any dependents, can support yourselves financially;
  • You must have adequate accommodation in the UK;
  • Your partner is a person of good moral character (a criminal record may prevent your partner from obtaining a UK settlement visa to live and work in the UK);
  • Your partner may need to pass a mandatory English test;
  • In some countries, visa applicants are tested for active tuberculosis (if your partner has active TB, this may prevent him or her from obtaining a UK settlement partner visa);

If you meet these basic eligibility requirements as defined by the UK Border Agency (UKBA), your partner will likely be allowed to join you in the UK with permission to stay up to six months, although without permission to work. Once you have registered your civil partnership in the UK, your partner can apply immediately for a two and a half year provisional visa or further leave to remain to live and work in the UK.

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