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img304“… Just want to thank you for all the help and advise and support you have given us for Steve`s ILR ,it seems they were more bothered with whether we have enough money coming in to live , we always pay our bills in fact a lot of them we are in credit with so it must have looked good for us .But the feeling when they said yes was fantastic ,we where both so nervous and afraid ,but it all came good in the end .Again thank you so so much ,if it is all right with you ,we will get in touch with you when Steve wants’ to become a citizen . THANK YOU AND KIND REGARDS JULIA AND STEVE”

Steve and Julie, ILR application (formerly on a settlement spousal visa)

gtjtjzeth“…I just wanted to let you know that my visa came through last week! It took TWELVE DAYS from posting my documents to receiving my passport back with the visa in it! Amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work. We are both truly grateful to you! Warmest Regards, Georgia…”

Georgia and Luke UK settlement marriage visa from Australia

529371_10151965719555235_835493095_n“… Hope you’re well? I really wanted to thank you for everything you did for us to get Bethany’s fiance visa. I thought she had thanked you already and she thought I had so a bit of miscommunication there. We are both however extremely grateful for your professional assistance and thorough understanding of the process. We can’t wait to work with you again to get the marriage visa, your work is really commendable. Thanks and Best Regards, Chris”

Bethany and Chris, UK fiancée visa from Australia

UK-454353“… Loralie’s visa was received on 25 July, 27 working days after we submitted the application at VFS. She is now with me in the UK – needless to say we are very happy, and relieved that the very complex visa process is now completely over. Thanks for all your invaluable help and advice with this. Regards, Bill and Loralie.”

Loralie and Bill, UK settlement wife visa from the Philippines

DSCF1752-2“… Omg!, thank you for letting us know so quickly on our visa…this is wonderful news and I’m not really sure what to say…just excited thats all!… I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of myself and Julie for the excellent and efficient work you have done for us, its been a pleasure to have worked with you in obtaining our visa.

I will definitely be requiring your services again for the next part of the visa stage and will notify you when the time comes for this… Thank you once again, all the best and take care, Mike and Julie.”

Julie and Mike, UK settlement fiancee visa from the US

IMG00381-20120306-1917“… Omg, me and bruce are so happy. Thank you so much for all your help and dealing with me at stressful times. We would have never have done this without your help. You have made this family complete. I would like your office address as I would like to send you a thank you card. Joanne”

“…wow! Today is a good day and I would like to say thank you for all your help. Jo and I could not have done this without your guidance. I really really appreciate hearing the joy on Jo’s heart. We can now after all these years, come together and complete our family. On behalf of my family to you, your kindness as well your associates, we wish you the best in good prosperity of health and fortune. I will contact you when my passport has arrived. You’re the best and my recommendation will speak highly of you as a future referral. Take care good friend and as always stay well! Sincerity in gratitude. Bruce.

Bruce and Joanne, UK husband settlement visa from the US

DSC02426“… I just wanted to say that my husband received his passport today and he got the EEA family permit! He got the permit for six months. Thank you so so much for all your guidance and for being so patient with us and our many questions. We will definently use your service again for the extension of his EEA permit. Again, thank you so much! Sincerely Deepiga P.S. Two final questions: 1. Within what time limit should my husband come to the UK, now that he got the permit. 2. Does my husband need a visa to Denmark, if we want to visit my parents there, in the future?

Jeyashanmugan & Deepiga, EEA family permit from Sri Lanka

jamie-and-aron“…I am the mother of Jamie and Aron and without the help of marriagevisahelp.com.com, I dont know if my daughters visa would have been approved this quick. It took only 24 hours to approve her spouse visa. That is amazing. with all of the documents that you have to get I think the only way to go is to use this company. Everything was looked over very carefully when submitted to marriagevisahelp and corrections were made if any with the help of our immigration person. Now my daughter and her husband can return to the UK where he can complete his education and she is free to travel with him without having to worry about overstaying anywhere. By having this company’s help and advice, my daughter and her husband can begin their new life as husband and wife living in England together. I would recommend this company to anyone who is seeking a spouse visa and its well worth the money to be pretty much assured your going to be approved. Mother of the bride.”

“… This is fantastic news! Thank you so much for all your help… we wouldn’t have had a clue otherwise. We are up in the mountains of Wyoming and this is definitely a weight off of our minds. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! All the best Aron and Jamie”

Jamie and Aron, UK spousal visa

DSCF2223“… HE’S GOT IT !!!!!!!! Wow!! We cant believe it!! Still letting it sink in, feels so strange to know its over after so long! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all your help & advice! Sly is arriving here on thursday! Kind Regards Beckie”

Sylvester & Rebecca, UK settlement fiancé visa from Ghana

405332_10150500080154“…There are many bogus sites out there claiming to be able to assist with visas and promising support and guidance. But I can attest to the fact that this one is GENUINE. Philip supported and guided us through a very long and gruelling process. Even when we seemed to lose faith sometimes. My wife was finally able to stay with me after a long time apart. Thank you Philip. And to those trying – keep your chin up and all will work out fine with Marriagevisahelp.com on your side. Philip Rocks!!!”

UK Marriage visa

19-11-11-075“… Hi, Thanks for all your help, nice to have that all done and dusted! I’m sure it would have taken us a great deal longer and been a whole lot more time consuming and hassle to get the visa without yours and Julie’s help so happy to recommend you. Baby is due this weekend so good to have the worry of visas lifted! What happens after the 2 years Will immigration just get in touch? Do I have to keep them informed of change of address etc. I will be changing my name later this year too so I assume I just contact them after that too? Thanks again! Amanda…”

Amanda and Ryan, Australian subclass 300 prospective marriage visa application from the UK

“…I am happy to tell you that I got the entry clearance to marry Kyle, we got the papers back this morning. I have no words to thank you for your hard work with our case. Today is one of the happiest days of my life and I know Kyle is very happy as well. Best, Laura and Kyle…”

Laura and Kyle, UK settlement visa from Mexico

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA“…woohoo!!!! this is so great! thank you sooooo much! you really made the whole process much less stressful! we are so very excited! yay!!!!!!!”

Dana and Gavin, UK settlement wife visa

dsc00089“…He got the dates mixed up, he has the parcel PASSPORT STAMPED. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done We can’t even think straight just now as this means so much to us. THANK YOU! Of course you can use our picture and words on your website, attached is one of our wedding pics. Ticket is booked for November 29th. We hope you are well. Milan and Lisa”

Milan and Lisa, UK settlement husband visa from Australia

345345“… Thank you very much for the fantastic email. :))))))))))))) It was my intention that that we would get an approval before I left back to Australia, so you sending this was well recieved. Thank you for all your hard work, patience, asnwering our many questions and your guidance. I would have no hestation recommending you to others needing your services. Also I please pass on our thanks to Julie. We will send off Ludmilla’s Visa to get the official stamp. Thank you! Best, Tony & Ludmilla :)))))))

Ludmilla & Tony, Australian subclass 300 prospective marriage (fiancee) visa from Russia

italy-028“… Thank you sooooooo much for fight this battle with us may your business be blessed till forever with success and lots of victory everyday. I went to collect my passport and l got a visa thanx to you the 27 months one it expires on the. 25/8/2014 so when should we come back for the next stage for l understand there is another stage…”

Precious and Julia, UK settlement wife visa from Zimbabwe

wedding3“… Thanks so much! I am so excited!!! Thank you for your painstaking attention to detail. It goes without saying that this process could not have happened so quickly without your expert guidance. It’s nice to see when someone has found their niche like you have. You truly are a gem as you help people who find love solidify that love, even when it’s across oceans. You must really enjoy bringing people closer together. I will update you when I receive the package this morning. Thanks again. Joshua”

“…I am ever so excited about the visa, and so quick, I thought it would have taken longer. Thank you so much for all of your help, you have not only been very professional right from the very start, you have also been very patient in times of my stress. Your attentiion to detail has been faultless and without doubt, it was your efforts that got us the visa, we simply followed your very detailed instrustions. Once again, thank you for all of your hard work, it was worth every penny and I wll recommend you to anyone that I know who needs a visa. Yes, I will give a testimonial on your facebook as well I am happy for you to use a picture of us, I shall send you this via email on Sunday. Once again thank you, your a star and I can tell you really enjoy what you do, I believe once you find a passion you always find your purpose.”

Joshua and Angela, UK husband settlement visa from the US

wedding-supper“… I trust this e-mail finds you in good heart. Lowrie and I are very grateful for the critical advice and assistance that you have afforded us throughout the torturous application process: the positive outcome would have been much more difficult to achieve without your help. What a labyrinth of red-tape! When I first started looking into the visa process, it reminded me of a line from the film ‘Jaws’: “We need a bigger boat”, only in this case “We need help”! In other words, one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. Apart from your clear grasp of the process Philip, we were impressed by your availability, patience and reliability. Thank you very much for all you have done for us, and good fortune in the future. Yours, James”

Lowrie and James, UK settlement wife visa from the US

405184_513711358386_2090299126_n“… I’m pleased to confirm that Brittney has just received her passport with Entry Clearance for the UK. In record time! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for all your help and patience over the past few months. It has been quite a journey for us and your services have been nothing short of exemplary. I am very pleased we decided to go with your firm in helping us through this very difficult process. Thank you. Could you let me know more about the ILR process and how much you would charge for that? Is it correct that it would cost £991 for it? Our plans are to return to the states at some point in the next 2-3 years, I would like very much to discuss with you the process and options available to me also, at some point. Many thanks once again, Kind Regards, Marius…”

Brittney and Marius, EEA family permit from the US

My beautiful picture“… Thank you so so much for all your hard work. You truly are amazing, we could not have done it without you. Matt got his visa today and he is coming to the UK on Monday to join me. We can’t wait to start our lives together. I would recommend your service to anyone, you truly are a superstar. Jo & Matt.”

“…I just received my passport back with the visa!!! Thank you so much for all your help! I checked it out and everything looks great. The date and name and everything is perfect. I just had a couple more questions. Can I expect any more questioning when I arrive in the UK from the border agents? Do I go through the same queue at immigration as always? Or do I go through the queue for those with EU passports? Thank you again for all your help, Matthew…”

Matthew and Joanne, UK marriage visa from the US

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