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P1090456“… Martina and I would just like to say a huge thank you!!! We know we where a pain sometimes with all our questions, but you always answered them, and we got the result we wanted in a reasonable time, we appreciate your professional service and we will recommend you to any others in our situation. Many thanks! Brendan and Martina

Martina and Brendan, Australian subclass 300 prospective marriage visa from Canada

087“…I am happy to say Veronica has received the family permit and will be traveling here next week. A big thank you from myself and Veronica for the help received from yourself and Marriagevisahelp! We are both very happy now. It goes without saying without your help we would have been lost in the application process so one more time a very big thank you. Feel free to put my email on the testimonials page. You can find a photo attached to include as well…”

Veronica and Carl, EEA family permit from Ecuador


“… I have my passport and visa back already (!) – a lot sooner than the 1 to 2 weeks mentioned by the person collecting the documents. It was ready actually yesterday afternoon so that is only 2 days processing time. Monday morning was almost 3 hours of queues with a rather short handover of documents – maybe 3-5 mins including finger printing. All up a fairly painless experience but don’t forget to advise your clients to pack a good book! Thanks for all your help with my documents and questions, your service was greatly appreciated and I am certain, speeded up my visa processing into a most remarkable 2 days!”

Emma and Niel, UK visit for marriage visa from Spain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“… Thank you very much for your help with the visa. It took us just under one and half hours to get the visa. There were many people there but the queue moved quite fast. Everyone was very nice and polite. Thank you for getting us make the copies – I think it saved a lot of time for us. There was no interview, the lady just asked us to wait for 5 min in the lobby while she was going through the documents. She also told me to sign out of the police. The only thing was that their office in Liverpool no longer accept cash (we brought cash with us, but it was ok since the card payment went smoothly). I was told that I should receive my residence card in 3-4 working days. Again, thank you very much, without your help it wouldn’t have been possible. Best Regards, David

David and Lynn, further leave to remain

KarlandI“…Thanks, Philip. What a relief. Thank you for your patience and guidance and quick responses throughout this process. I’m sure we didn’t make it easy on you, but we are grateful you were able to help us out…”

Shawna & Karl, UK settlement fiancée visa from the US

PTDC0560“… We received my documents back in the mail this morning at 9:45! Awesome. We then had to search through my passport to find the “UK Entry Clearance” stamp inside! Good for visits to the UK for 180 days! They approved it!…. On behalf of both of us, we want to say how moved we both were to read your email. This has indeed been an incredible journey, and with your help – successful. We are very happy, love being together, and it feels so good to have this part of the process out of the way. i wish you could have seen us both running down the wrong street in Paris! Anyway, we will certainly be recommending your services to anyone and everyone we meet along the way. Attached is a couple of more recent photos of the two of us. Blessings to you and thank you, thank you, thank you again. Mark & Helen…”

Helen, UK visit for marriage visa from France

SmithWhiting716“… That is incredible. I am surprised it happened so quickly! It happened quicker than I could have imagined. Thank you so much for your hard work and kind words. You were amazingly patient with all of our insane emails and questions, and so steadfast. We really enjoyed working with you and if you ever need us to write a testimonial or reference on your behalf we would be happy to do so. Thanks again. We really appreciate it. Sincerely, Victoria…”

Victoria and Chris, UK settlement marriage visa from the US

me-and-mark-muir-woods“… This is amazing! I can not believe we have been approved already! Mark and I are over the moon! Thank You so much for all your help we wouldn’t even have known where to start without you! I will certainly let you know when I receive my passport back. Will they also be sending all our photo’s and cards ect back with it? Not that it really matters I just want to start my life with Mark. Mark and I we’re wondering if when we book my flight does it matter if it has a return flight or not? Because, they seem to be a lot cheaper and we plan on coming over in Feb to collect my cat and celebrate our birthday’s in the USA. Will the visa Label be on my passport? Sorry about all the questions I just have a billion things running through my head now! =)

Lisa and Mark, UK settlement wife visa from the US

1471“… Unbelievable we have the visa. We are so happy, Nori cant stop crying. Thank you so much for all your hard work. after 4 unsuccesfull attemps we didn’t think we would ever get a visa but all the time you spent guiding us and your carefull procedures work , we would both like to say again thank you so much. Ray and Nori PS we are so happy…”

Norina and Raymond, UK settlement wife visa from the Philippines

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“… im writing this from both of us. First of all, thank you, for many things other than doing a great application for Carmela, but also for putting up with my countless emails and questions, both you and Julie have helped us so much to get what we wanted and knowing that we will both be together again and forever without any more seperation means everything to us. We will hopefully marry next weekend but i will be in touch always, once again, Philip, sincerely, THANK YOU, Kindest regards, Mark…”

Carmela and Mark, Subclass 300 prospective marriage (fiancée) visa from Manila, Philippines

4352343“….I would like to begin by thanking you from both myself and Jordin. We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with this, without your help we would not be able to get married and take this step in bringing our lives together. We are absolutely overjoyed with the decision and could not be happier. We are extremely pleased with the service level professional help we have received from you and will more than happily recommend Marriagevisahelp.com to anyone we meet who may be in the same situation as we were. We thank you Philip for bearing with us through this difficult time for us and guiding us in the right direction, again we could not done it without you. We wish you the very best in the future and will never forget how you helped bring us together. If you would like a testimonial from us, we would be more than happy to do so. Yours Sincerely, Aaron and Jordin.”

Jordin and Aaron, UK fiancée visa from the US

image001111“… THANK YOU SO MUCH! you have no idea how much this means to both of us. There is NO WAY we could have done any of this without your help!! I am forever grateful to you and marriagevisahelp.com.com. All the stress and hard work put into it was beyond worth it! Thank you thank you thank you for helping us get our life started together! I will keep you informed as I receive everything. Currently, I am more than elated =) Again, thank you! Hanna”

Hanna and Lee, UK settlement wife visa from the US

IMG_0930“…. Courier just arrived and…. Napaphat’s visa was issued! After all that worry and stress they granted that in 8 working days! Many, many thanks for all your work, support and patience here. Needless to say Napaphat and I are absolutely thriller to bits! If you are ever in London I will buy you a drink! Best regards…”

Napaphat and Ryan, UK settlement wife visa from Bangkok, Thailand

Ali-Bre“… Just wanted to let you know we just received Brenda’s Documents with her new UK settlement Visa. Thank you so much for your help and I will be sure to recommend you to any of my friends that are moving back. Best Regards Ali & Brenda”

Brenda and Alistair, UK settlement wife visa from Mexico

20068506_4436520_n“…Hi there! Sorry for the long reply, This is Nicole and Jonathan. I, Nicole, got my visa and now am in ENgland!! I have been here almost two weeks. I sent my visa stuff in on Monday and heard back from them by Thursday or Friday the same week!! We just wanted to thank you and let you know your help was worth every cent! We highly recommend you! We can’t thank you enough!!!! Thanks again! All the best, Jonathan and Nicole…”

Nicole and Jonathan, UK fiancée visa from the US

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“…How fantastic! We are so relieved! Thank you so much for all of your help and for your good wishes–we really appreciate all of your advice on this. We will let you know as soon as the passport arrives back. Thanks again for everything–we couldn’t have done it without you! Best wishes, Jessica”

Jessica and Alex, UK unmarried partner visa from the US

img_0467“…Thank you very much for all you’ve done for us! I’m really happy to tell you that we’ve been granted the visa and I’m planning to leave as soon as possible. Thank you for your hard work and commitment and I wish you the very best for your future success. It’s been a wonderful experience working with you and without your help it wouldn’t have been possible to get the visa. I have a couple of questions regarding next steps. Do you know if I need to buy a one way or a round-trip ticket? Could you tell me what documents I need to get married in the UK and what should be our next steps? Again, we can’t thank you enough, Warmest Regards, Lynn and David…”

David and Lynn, UK settlement fiancé visa from Almaty, Kazakhstan

5295217_2285598_n“…On behalf of myself and Richard, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you doesn’t even seem enough as this is of course monumental for our future as a married couple! We owe it all to you, as we would have been helpless, along with clueless, without you! I will let you know as soon as I have my visa and passport in hand. Once again, thank you! Nicole and Richard”

Nicole and Richard, UK settlement wife visa from the US

dm-web-33“Monica and I had a relationship most would not want, but thousands endure…we lived 5000 miles apart with each visit a costly one. Monica was from Louisiana and I lived in London. We had met through mutual friends on an online community. Things were hard, we loved each other very much, but there always seemed to be obstacles’ in our path (the worst being Monica’s refusal in to the Uk on her second visit). A year and a half into our relationship and I proposed to Monica on a trip to Las Vegas…..thankfully she said yes. Now came the Minefield…… We couldn’t have done this without Marriagevisahelp.com’s help. When we looked into what was involved it seemed so daunting that we almost gave up on the idea, but then we found your website. Philip our advisor was fantastic, putting up with our constant questions and always replying quickly and putting any fears we had to rest. As for the application process? Again Philip was on hand throughout and made what is a very complex and mind numbing experience hassle and stress free. Monica’s Visa came through quicker than we had hoped for and the day Philip emailed Monica with the news was like every birthday and christmas rolled into one. Monica arrived in the UK on the 23rd March 2011 and we are now able to be together properly. Life is great! We owe Philip a great deal. Value for money, professional, and very friendly. I would recommend Philip and the rest of the Marriage visa help team to anybody!!! Thanks once more Philip. Myself and Monica look forward to working with you again when the time comes for Monica’s ILR! Dean and Monica Nicholson.”

Monica and Dean, UK settlement wife visa from the US

img_2048“…Wow – this has just been even too overwhelming to comprehend. You have no idea how grateful we are for all of your help. There’s no way we would have stayed sane through this entire process without you, and we are so glad to have taken this route with your company. Thanks for also sending along the tracking number – I guess this means it will arrive on Monday? I’m assuming there’s no way it would make it by tomorrow, but just wanted to double check since I’m going to start deciding on flights. Let me know if you have any idea. Thanks so much, Emily…”

Emily and Oliver, UK settlement wife visa from the US

neilandrhea“…We’ve just been to the VAC and picked up the documents. We’re very grateful for everything with regards to the visa as we’ve got a yes and the visa for Rhea’s entry to UK. We thank you again for all of the professional advice we got from you and looking forwards to spending the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. Neil and Rhea”

Rhea and Neil, UK settlement fiancée visa from the Philippines

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