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0515645“… OMG!!!!!!!!!! Best news ever. I want to thank you for everything you have done for Vicki and I. I know at times i asked so many questions. I cannot believe the customer service Marriagevisahelp provided us. My emails were answered always within a hours time or even faster. Thank you again…and a bug virtual hug from both Vicki and I. I will be booking my flight to the UK as soon as my passport arrives and i check that all information is correct. Thank you very much!! We will use your service when we apply for my provisional partner visa. Again, thanks for the exceptional service!! Regards, Vicki and Victoria…”

Vicki and Victoria, UK proposed civil partner visa

Salisbury-042“…We got the visas with no questions and no problems. Thank you thank you thank you so much. For everything. Your help was invaluable. I can’t believe we even attempted to do this on our own. There is no way any of it would have gone this smoothly and quickly had we not had your help and I am sure when we go for the leave to remain visa you will be the first person we contact. Again, thank you so much. We will send you a wedding announcement when we get there. Thank you again. For everything…”

Danielle and Alison, UK proposed civil partner visa

Kelly-and-Pam“… Just got the email from New York saying they are sending the visa. We are so excited! Thank you so much for you help and patience. I don’t think we could’ve got through it without you. It’s the most stressful process I’ve ever been through. Our best wishes to you and your staff, and thanks again! Pamela & Kelly…”

Pamela & Kelly, UK settlement civil partnership visa from the US

020“…First of all thanks for all the help that you gave to Steve and I. I am about to come out of my skin, I’m so excited, this marriage is a long awaited one especially for me after 17 years of being single. I just phoned Steve and he is smiling from ear to ear. Thanks also for putting up with my endless nerves and all. I can now get that dress out and pack it for sure now. Thanks for all of your help. We still have a long road ahead of us to get him here to be with me permanently, but it will work out, I know it will. Again thanks so much. We definitely recommend you and your company for you your help…”

Sherry and Steve, UK visit for marriage visa

“…Thank you so much for everything. We now have the visa and passport! We could have not done this without your assistance. So, big thanks really! We are both very happy that at last we have the chance to be together… Wish you all the best! Jay and Zel from here in Cebu City…”

Liezel and Jason, UK fiancee visa from the Philippines

ninaandkadu“…Wow!!! I’m am soooooooooo pleased! You have made my life, not just my day or my year! This means the world to us and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I’ve just broken the news to Lucas – he’s delighted! We will let you know when he gets his passport and so on, thank you so much for your help and support throughout this traumatic time! Many many many thanks, (a very happy) Julia and Lucas”

Lucas and Julia, UK husband visa from Brazil

200120102695“… That’s fantastic news to wake up to! Couldn’t quite believe I was finally reading the word “approved”. So Gary needs to post his passport to the Consulate? Will this involve another wait? I’m sure we’ll have a couple more questions but Thank You so much for all of your help! I cant imagine up having gone through this process without your advice & guidance. Kim & Gary”

Gary and Kim, subclass 300 fiance visa from the UK

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“…Really good news. We got the visa no problems. Thank you very much. We will recommend your services where ever possible. We will be in touch for you to help us with the marriage visa once we are married in September. Thank you for all your help and advice and making us get all the information correctly together. I now have a very happy Asiya and an excited Daniel – me too, very excited and happy. Thanks! Nick and Asiya…”

Asiya and Nick, UK fiancee visa from Kyrgyzstan

Alex-and-Sasha“..Thank you for the great work that you have done in securing our visa. You reassured us and we always believed that everything would be okay with your help. We are both happy together and our children too are all happy. We cannot thank you enough for your professional service..”

Sasha, Mykyta, Valentyn and Alex, UK settlement visas from Kiev, Ukraine

DSC07402“…I had the phone call from the embassy, they said they made they decision, we won the case, I will bring my passport tomorrow, it will take about a week to get my visa!!!! Thank you again for all your help, we are so happy!!! Best regards, Aliya…”

Aliya and Thomas, UK fiancee visa from Kazakhstan

sara-and-seans-wedding-photos-012“… Well done to you and all the hard work and reassurances you gave to Sean and myself, we couldn’t have done all this without you. Sean’s visa arrived just after 10am today, he has already booked his flight for this saturday, and we will finally be together on sunday. Many huge thank yous from both of us, and we will be in touch again in 2 years time. With Best Wishes and Regards. Sara and Sean…”
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Sean and Sara, UK marriage visa from the US

DSCF0154“…Just a quick message to let you know that Qingmei collected her Visa today. Once again thanks for all your help on the way. I’m sure the fact that no questions were asked was down to the documentation and presentation. We would be happy to contribute an affidavit to your website to show our appreciation. Regards, Steve”

Qingmei and Steve, UK fiancee visa from UAE

DSCF2343“…Words cannot express how grateful we both are to you and marriagevisahelp.com.com. Sarah Joy’s UK fiancée visa was approved this week and we could not be happier. We understand that our case was a particularly complex one and your expertise and ability to adapt to our specific situation resulted in a successful application in less than two months! The amount of information required to submit a complete application was overwhelming however your guidance made the entire process manageable. I am certain that, without your help, we would not be here today, celebrating the promise of a happy future together. Warmest and sincerest Thank You. Peter”

Sarah Joy and Peter, UK fiancee visa from the USA

Colin-Rita-Rei-Rui“…Just to let you know that Rita has attended the UKVAC and collected her passport complete with Visa!! Thank you very much for your help and support and…….How quick was that? and no interview! I will keep you informed of our progress and once Rita is here I am sure she will agree with me in not hesitating to recommend your services to others. Once again, a big thank you!”

Rita, Rui, Rei and Colin, UK settlement visas from Jakarta, Indonesia

Ed-and-Watchareevan“… I got a call from my wife at around 3 am this morning uk time, she’d recieved a sms from the VAC telling her to collect her passport that afternoon. I returned from work and my wife called me saying that she’d got the passport back COMPLETE WITH VISA!!!! We really don’t know what to say, but thank you very very much, without you we would never have got this visa. I want her to scan the visa and letter and send it to you via e mail just to check it is the correct visa. She does not even need an interview!!!! They said she can travel today if she wants. I need to return to Thailand now as she does not want to travel to UK alone, so I’ll get special leave from work for this after Christmas. I have seen the visa on webcam, but not too clear to read. What a year it has been. The information I have got is that it is valid for 2 years and 3 months. Any comments I can make for your website would be pleased to.. back to Thailand for me soon for 3 nights!!!! I’ll get the visa scanned and send to you so as you can check it. Thank you very very much from both of us…”

Watchareewan and Edward, UK spouse visa from Bangkok, Thailand

Boda-MaFe-Ian-156“… i would just like to offer my sincere thanks for your help and advice in helping us obtain Marias visa, i have one question for you , do you know is this visa valid for travel within the EU, or will we have to apply to seperate countries for visa. as i would like to show Maria the wonders of Europe, many thanks again for everything. Regards, Ian…”

Maria and Ian, UK wife visa from Ecuador

us“… The words “THANK YOU” doesn’t seem enough to extend our gratitude for everything. I got my passport today with my visa stamped on it! We weren’t expecting for the decision to be made this soon. Up until now, Anthony & I couldn’t believe that it only took 2 months & 29 days for my visa to be approved. I remember how we felt like this process was going to be a hard one but having you help us made it all seem very easy & hiring your services was definitely a great decision that we made. I can’t begin to tell you how happy we both are — this means we’re a step closer to fulfilling our dreams of spending a lifetime together and this also means, we can now thoroughly concentrate on our wedding preparations. It was a pleasure working with you. All the best! ~Soraya & Anthony~”

Soraya and Anthony, Australian partner visa: subclass 300 prospective marriage visa from Manila, Philippines

dallas-david“…It was approved!! Woo hoo;) Thank you for everything…”

“…Thank you for the email to Dallas; I’m very happy for you to use us as a reference on the web site and I’ve attached a couple of pictures that you can use. If you need anything else just let me know and thank you for the help and support in getting us settled together in the UK…”

Dallas and David, UK marriage visa from the US

england_trip_08_128“…There’s obviously a lot of stress when it comes to moving to another country and getting married. Something that is overlooked by people on the outside though is the visa application, and the stress that comes with worrying if you have everything you need together, and if that is even enough. You guys were here every step of the way with us, dealt with us and all of our questions in a quick and professional manner, and gave us everything we needed to submit our app with confidence. Now that we have our approval, we can go back to focusing on what really matters here. Thanks, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate today if it wasn’t for your help…”

Aaron and Fiona, UK fiance visa from the US

photo34435345435“… We were both very impressed with your help in Monica’s visa application. At first all the paperwork which needed collecting and the letter that was to be written was very daunting. However with your help and support this went smoothly. At each stage I could email a question and you would send a reply quickly at all hours of the day. It has taken just 2 months since my return from Mexico until the visa was issued which without your help I believe would not have been impossible. Now we are pushing ahead with the wedding plans in time for our February wedding day. Finally I would like to say I would happily recommend you to any of friends or family…”

Monica and Simon, UK fiancee visa from Mexico

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