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testimonial-1231“… I received my passport with the Visa stamp today! I didn’t have any interviews and my passport returned to me in 16 days…”

“… Thank you so much for your kind email. We are both hugely happy and relieved. And a big, big thank you to you for all your help and guidance, which have been invaluable in helping us to realise our dream of being together in the UK. You really were very helpful and efficient and we are both extremely grateful to you for all you have done for us and helped us with. Thank you!!”

Ryoko and Stuart, UK fiancee visa from Japan

wedding-pic1“…Once again I cannot put into words what you and Marriagevisahelp.com has done for us. What seemed a daunting task was made to look so easy because of the kindness and thoughtfulness that was shown towards Beth and I. I can actually sit here at 10pm in the UK on 24/07/09, and type till my heart is content about your company but I am sure your website is limited to space. So I will leave it here and say one again, T.H.A.N.K….Y.O.U. so much xxxxxxxxxxx

Alan and Beth, UK spouse visa from the US

img_0443“…Great News Indeed! And thank you for your acknowledgement and for all your support and impeccable due diligence throughout the time you have been working with us. The speed and accuracy with which you responded to each and every one of our questions and concerns, took away much of the worries and uncertainties that could otherwise have negatively impacted our long distance relationship so thank you for the contribution you made to the early days of our marriage…”

Annette and Stuart, UK wife visa

portrait-1a“…Lihong went into the interview very confident and happy. I was allowed into the waiting room but even though Lihong told the ECO that I was here and would like to be interviewed also, but I was not called. I believe that the interview was just a formality in Lihong’s case, because the application contained all the information they required and was put together so well. I believe that this is due to the help and advice given by you. Lihong and I wish to thank you very much for your help…”

Lihong and Greg, UK settlement fiancee visa from Beijing, China

kellyianlook“YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT news just in time for the holiday weekend–I am so excited that we are done with the Visa process (for now at least!) although it does sadden me that it means no more weekly email from you! I was starting to get used to them! Thank you so much for your patience with ME throughout this process…Ian and I would joke about just how many emails I was sending you there in the beginning, but you never got annoyed (at least you didn’t show it!). You honestly kept us on track and like I told you on the phone, a GREAT investment if you ask me–so THANK YOU!”

Kelly and Ian, UK settlement wife visa from the USA

0249crop“…I can’t thank you enough for your patience with me and my million questions. I am so grateful that you were there to assure me that everything was fine. Throughout the whole process you were always there to answer my e-mails quickly and give us exactly the information we needed. It has was a long process but in the end it was all worth the wait and we could not have done it without your help. Everything went as smoothly as possible at our application appointment. All the preparation and documents we had brought with us made us feel very relaxed before our appointment. Again thank you for all your time and effort. We will definitely be returning when it comes time to swap England for Canada…”

Caleigh and Tom, Further leave to remain FLR(M) application

test_photo1“… I still cannot believe it!! it is such fantastic news, I am absolutely over the moon, and can only thank you for all your help and assistance!! I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for you, we probably would not have been able to achieve this!! We will most definitely keep you updated with the wedding plans, and will send you a picture of the big day. Once again thank you so so much! I hope to work with you again when it is time to obtain the further leave to remain status for Moises, until then have a great day and from the both of us a huge thank you!!”

“… Thank you so much, u don’t know how happy i am..i just told Jennifer and she can’t believe it. i will definitely keep you updated. What’s the next step from here???”

Moises and Jennifer, UK fiance visa from the USA

DSC00897“…Thank you! Your help has been much appreciated I look forward to using your services again in 2 years time! marraigevisahelp.com has proven to be an outstanding service that connects with its clients personally it is rare in this day and age where a company does not just see people as dollar signs! I thank you yet again for taking the stress out of this process. I hope life brings you the happiness that you have given not just to us but countless other couples. Thanks again Paul and Jovelyn”
Click here to see Jovelyn’s subclass 309 spouse visa approval notice

Jovelyn and Paul, Subclass 309 spousal visa for Australia
from Manila, Philippines

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“…Oh WOW that is the best news, we’re so ecstatic that they have approved the application, now we can finally go ahead with our future plans, which we are very excited about. We both would like to thank you for all your help through our journey to get to this point and will be in contact with you when the time comes for the next step. I would also like to ask you exactly when will we have to start the next application for the spousal visa…”

Alan and Tracy, Australian subclass 300 fiance visa from Pretoria, South Africa

untitled“…Thank you so much! I am having a great day now! You guys were great and worth every penny. It was wonderful dealing with such knowledgeable people, and if you ever need another testimonial don’t hesitate to use us as a reference. We won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who may find them useful. Take care and best of luck! Thanks again!”

Christina and Lee, UK wife visa from the USA

“…Thank you ever so much! Wow its been a long journey and without you and your team we couldn’t have achieved this. Everyday we checked our inbox hoping to see a message. Once again thank you for your time and effort. You have been fantastic and would like to work with you in the near future. I have attached a photo of myself and Lisa and therefore will be a great honour to be placed on the testimonial page. Yours Simon.”

Lisa and Simon, UK fiancee visa from the US

holidys-261“…This is the best week of my life. Thank you so much. Luiz will meet his son. I cant stop crying. Will they call Luiz to let him know when his visa will arrive in Brasilia. It says one working day on the email below. Is that definate can he get the bus on Sunday to collect Monday. Thank you again. Julie”

Luiz and Julie, UK fiance visa from Brazil

mark-and-vanessa“…Oh my god, I cant believe it. We have been worrying so much about it. Thank you very much for everything you have done for us, we wont forget it. Vanessa was informed by the British Embassy in Mexico City that it would take at least 6 weeks. This news will take a while to sink in! Thank you…”

Vanessa and Mark, UK wife visa from Mexico

amanda-kevin7“…Woohhhooooo You dont know how happy you have just made me THANK YOU SOO SOOO MUCH 🙂 Just called Kevin with the great news and he is over the moon 🙂 Thank you so much again i am the happiest woman alive right now knowing that my husband is going to be joining me soon 🙂 And CANT WAIT 🙂 Can i ask me being a planner haha ull be glad to get rid of all my silly questions but what happens after the 2yrs? Does the embassy get in touch with us for the extension? I have attached 2 pics feel free to pick whichever one u like 🙂 Thank You 🙂 Amanda xxx”

Kevin and Amanda, UK spouse visa from Barbados

img_2540“…I would like to say thank you very much for your patience with Wanqi and myself! We have `bombarded’ you with questions and queries along the way – but your professional service and good humour has persisted throughout, even during these last few concerning few weeks of waiting. I would have no hesitation in recommending you/your company to others. (I already have suggested your service to one other couple). Wanqi and I are now looking forward to meeting up again in just 2 weeks time when I return to China, and now I can bring her back to England just in time for Xmas!”

“…First thanks your help in this, I receive the visa finally today! The visa deadline closing date is 05/02/12, so, it is refers to has two year and three month-long deadlines? Thanks and the best regards once more! Wanqi”

Wanqi and Chris, UK wife visa from Guangzhou, China

DIGITAL CAMERA“… now that we have got over the shock of a six day wait for the visa, Karin and myself would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and guidance you gave to us in this stressful application. Karin will be flying on the 30th November to England and she is still having to pinch herself to make sure it is not a dream. once again thanks! Brian and Karin”

Karin and Brian, UK fiancee visa from Houston, Texas, USA

rock028“… Finally some good news, visa centre in Kiev called me today and asked to bring my passport for the visa. I am so happy, it is truly incredible news. Thank you so much for all your hard work, help and support. It would be impossible without your help. After all this stress Ben and I can finally be together. I still can’t believe it, it is a great shock. I am going to Kiev tomorrow, I hope there will be no surprises there. Thank you so much for supporting us through everything and not giving up. I will recommend your services to people in the same situation as mine. Truly great work! This success wouldn’t be this sweet without all the difficulties we had to go through!!!”

Katya and Ben, UK wife visa from Kiev, Ukraine

” Hope you had a nice weekend. We received the package back today. It is accepted! The visa is for 27 months. It is valid from 25th November 2009. That means we will be able to go and spend the Christmas with family in the UK. Thank you very very much for all your help and support. We wish you a great Christmas and New Year…”

Bahar and Jed, UK marriage visa

050“…good morning, how are you, just a update to let you know that ruths visa has been approved & she has collected her passport from manila, ruth will be joining me & arriving at LHR uk at 12,25 pm monday the 7th of december, thank you for all your help in this matter, many thanks & may i wish you a merry xmas…”

Ruth and Tony, UK marriage visa from the Philippines

dsc00029“…Oh my goodness!!! I am besides myself. Is this real!!! I cannot believe that we are finally approved and that I am going to be with my wife!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR US!!!!”

Matthew and Elizabeth, UK marriage visa
from the US

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