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“… That is great news!! You have made us both very happy people this morning!!! We would like to thank you for all of your help, and support – it has really been most appreciated. We are so relieved that we can start planning our future. We will let you know when Xiomara has got her passports from Bogota and check everything is ok. Many thanks! Nick and Xiomara …”

Xiomara and Nick, UK spouse visa from Colombia

“… visa came through today!!!!…she has gone to pick it up!!!!!!!!…thank you both….. we enjoyed our meeting(s).. it was certainly worthwhile to travel 260 miles for the 45 min brief and of course the tea and cake (I helped myself as i left..lol.).. your professionalism and encouragement shone through at every encounter, we both agree, you simplified a fairly stressful policy and we achieved our goal with the first shot!!!.. A big smile and a warm thank you from Eleanor and I, of course we would be delighted to send any pics you wish and further please pop in should you be up this way …”

Eleanor and John, UK settlement fiancee visa from Singapore

jeb-and-karen“…Thank you so much for all your help. You work for a Great Company. Karen and I will most graciously offer testimonial for all the help you have given the two of us. We will most certainly let you know of our wedding plans. Again, with all our thanks and gratitude….”

“…I would just like to re-iterate Jeb’s thanks and appreciation for all you have done for us. We both know we definitely could not have done it without you, you have been just brilliant. I was in such shock yesterday on hearing the good news after just 6 days, all that hard work between yourself Jeb and I is now behind us. Thank you once again, and without a doubt we will be using your services again when Jeb needs to apply for his ILR, or do we need your services once we are married for the extension to Jeb’s visa? Would appreciate if you would let us know. We will contact you again once we have got a date for our wedding, Thank you so very very much you have made two people very happy, lots to do now wedding plans to make yipeee…”

Jeb and Karen, UK fiancee visa from the USA

nicola-and-sedat“…I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Today we received our Visa, and i can’t tell you how happy we are. This is our dream come true. Every time i faced the visa process, i got stuck and confused and angry with the whole thing, then i found marriagevisahelp.com.com and everything seemed so easy. You made the whole process so straight forward, and although i probably woke you up in the middle of the night on numerous occasions, you were always on hand to help me. Sedat will fly back with me to the UK on the 10th May 2009, so we can finally start our lifes together. Thank you again, we could never have done this without you. I will definitely come straight to you when we get married, so we can apply for Sedat’s Settlement Visa. Yours Faithfully, Nicola [surname edited] & Sedat [surname edited]…”

Sedat and Nicola, UK fiancee visa from Istanbul, Turkey

5-Christmas08“…After living in Indonesia for the last 6 year, it was time to move on…. we contacted Marriagevisahelp.com to help us go through the application and the long list of documents needed. The instructions and guidance that was provided could be called “Applying for a Settlement Visa For Dummies” – it was so straightforward and a step-by-step process. Once we applied for the visa we were told that it could take up to 4 to 6 weeks as that was the current average processing time for Jakarta. We flew up to Jakarta and submitted our application package on the Friday, April 24th and then flew back to Surabaya. We then received a phone call from the UK Visa Office on the following Tuesday (28th) and told that it had been processed, we were amazed to say the least. The UK Visa office could not tell us the outcome, but my wife’s passport arrived on the Thursday (30th) with the visa approved. We would recommend marriagevisahelp.com.com in the bat of an eye to anyone; they make the process so simple and stress free! It doesn’t need to be difficult. Thanks guys!”

Susana and Andrew, UK spouse visa from Jakarta, Indonesia

lena-and-mike“That’s fantastic, great work. Thanks so much for all your knowledge and thorough work. Achieving approval in Canada has saved a major expense and a great deal of heartache for us. I’ll stay in touch!”

Lena and Mike, UK fiancee visa from Canada

2008-my-b-day“…Thank you very much for your great service and support! You’ve made the process of applying for eea family permit very clear and so much easier! thank you for being available any time when i had a question. thank you for your immediate responses and assistance. I highly recommend your service and your company to everyone i know! Again, it was great working with you! enjoy your summer!”

Anna and Tadas, EEA family permit from the US

img_4344“…Thanks so much!!:-) This is so exciting & Alistair has a job offer in the works for Australia so all moving ahead now. Also a big thank you for all your assistance, expertise & patience as it took us forever! However, in our defense our life has been very busy with work & travel. Hoping things slow down in Australia! I will let you know the moment we receive my visa. Thanks again & have a fabulous weekend!”

Liezl and Alistair, Subclass 309 spouse visa
from London, UK

DSC04666“… I just wanted to inform you of our fantastic news received yesterday that our visa application was successful and was picked up yesterday by Eda. For your records the visa was granted within 24 hours of it reaching the Embassy although we didn’t find out ourselves until we picked up the post yesterday. I cant begin to tell you how happy we both are and how grateful we are to both you and your team. THANK YOU VERY MUCH…”

Eda and Ashley, UK fiancee visa from Rio, Brasil

wedding178“I know that you have already heard of our wonderful news about Elena’s visa and I just wanted to write to thank you so very much for all your help with the application. From the outset your advice and assistance has certainly made the process as stress free as possible and I am sure your experience and knowledge of the workings of the embassy in Kiev was fundamental in getting the visa granted so quickly. Elena and I both believe that without your help we would not be spending this Christmas together in the UK, so we both thank you once again and wish you a very Happy Christmas and New year. Very Best Regards, Barry”

Elena and Barry, UK wife visa from Ukraine

dscf5518“… Just wanted to let you know that my visa was issued!! Could not be happier. You’ve been such a great help answering all of my questions and I couldn’t have done it without you! Of course we would love to recommend your services! I would also add that you’ve been VERY kind in putting up with all the emails I have sent you! There must have been 100 through the whole process and you’ve been so kind and professional the entire time getting back to me straight away. (And not getting too annoyed with me!) It was a huge task and you were there the whole way through. We are so pleased that we can finally start our married life together! Cannot thank you enough!”

Ashley and Charlie, UK marriage visa from California, USA

img_1832“… We received our Visa today and we are so happy and relieved and just can’t stop smiling. We knew the application would be a mammoth task and engaging Marriage Visa Help was the best thing we did. We would like to thank you for ALL your help and patience throughout the process. You always answered our questions, and we had a lot, and you guided us through the process as a true professional. You were available for a call whenever needed and were always pleasant and informative. Thanks so much for assisting us with your expertise to ensure we provided a detailed and successful application. We are officially another one of your happy clients and we are looking forward to a happy and loving life together down-under. Please let us know if you are ever down this way, it would be our pleasure to buy you a beer or two on the lovely Sydney Harbour:) We wish you and Marriage Visa help many more successes and much happiness. Thanks a million! Naomi & Piotr”

Piotr and Naomi, Australian subclass 300 fiance visa from Ireland

pict0325“…Thank you for all your help in this process, I am very glad that we chose to use your company to assist us, it was worth every cent and I cannot imagine doing this without help. I know that Erin really appreciated your prompt answers to her questions. We will certainly use your services again when we do Erin’s next VISA and I will supply an endorsement of your company and the service they provide. Thanks once again, it will be nice to have Erin home again and get her talking in her best Bridget Jones accent…”

Erin and Paul, UK fiancee visa from the USA

scan4234“…Yah it arrived, sorry but we dont have very good internet here so I couldnt tell you sooner!! It arrived on tuesday morning so very happy, am leaving to go back to england on tuesday the 29th of September. Thanks so much for helping us through the visa process we appreciate it so much, bless you guys for all you did for us and helping so many others who have no clue about visas!!!”

Chrissie and Benjamin, UK wife visa from New Zealand

camera23444“…Thank you so much for the great news! Thank you for all your help and support from the start of the process when I called to ask you about the application until now. You have been a great support for us both. We are both so happy and excited about the news and our future. I’ve attached a photo of us both – please feel free to put this on the website. Thank you for your kind words, we will of course keep in contact and let you know how everything goes. Thank you again Helen”

“…I am grateful for everything you have done for us (Helen and I) and I will never forget, you do not know how it was important for us and remains. We will maintain contact. Thanks again and God bless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Williams”

Williams and Helen, UK fiance visa from Rio, Brazil

bogdan-and-nina“… Yes, there is more than news, Nina receive visa last week and she arrived last Sunday to London. I was thinking to send you a message, but I was so busy organising her arrival and as soon she arrived to London we went away for couple days to celebrate it. Thank you very much for your help, as everything went quite well without much stress putting on my wife, which was the most important for me…”

Nina and Bogdan, EEA family permit from Kiev, Ukraine

lukie-092“… It’s been a visa star falling during these 3 days for Luke and me hahahaha on Monday I was granted a multistay guest visa till the 19th of August 2010, I sent out my passport to Moscow and got it back yesterday…However, on Wednesday (hahahaha) Maria [EDITED] called me with the greatest news ever!!! Sorry for not letting you know straight away, we both couldnt think of anything else but enjoy the happiness!!! So yesterday I sent out my passport again to The Australian Consulate lol We already booked the tickets on Sep 17th…god…so soon… We both are soooo much grateful to you and all your company for a great job you’ve done, your professional attitude to us and our situation. There were some sad moments too, but you managed to support us and kept us cool 🙂 🙂 🙂 You’re a wonderful person, since you’re making lots of couples happy, like Santa hahahaha Good luck in everything!!! We definitely will contact you later on. Kind Regards, soon Watsons 🙂

Marina and Luke, Subclass 300 prospective marriage visa from Moscow, Russia

dsc08059“… Great news! I just spoke with Sasha and passed on your lovely message. Of course she was convinced we would never get the visa or at best be waiting until November – I was more optimistic as I know that with your help we did a great job of the application and how could they refuse!! Once again thanks for a great service, putting our minds at rest and helping with everything so promptly and thoroughly. It made what seems a very complex process feel as painless as possible. Hopefully it will give Sasha some faith in beurocracy too! We will contact you with regard to applying for the spousal visa once we are married on the 27th of November. Warm regards, Corrie.”

Sasha and Corrie, UK fiancee visa from Moscow, Russia

dsc00715“… thanks great news,appreciate all your help and guidence,please feel free to use our name if ever you need to advertise or assure people of your firm… sometimes it is easy to forget to say thank you,easy to move on without acknowledging those who help us in life,sometimes we forget too easily how much little things matter and mean,so to you and your team,a big thanks again,and good luck for the future,i guess our paths may never cross again,but please remember that we will always be grateful for you kindness and help, once again thanks,David.”

Kim and Davis, UK marriage visa

63“…that’s terrific news! Our great day just got even greater. Thank you so much, from both Carrie and myself, for your very professional work on our behalf. You made a daunting process quite intelligible and manageable. When we toast the event this evening we’ll raise a glass of champagne to you! With very best wishes Chris PS Please feel free to use us to recommend yourself or Marriagevisahelp.”

Carrie and Chris, UK spouse visa

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